Wild Spirit Hunting is run by Professional Hunter and Outfitter Ettienne Senekal.  Ettienne's love for the outdoors and wildlife started at a very young age.  Growing up as a little boy, he's inspiration started with observing wildlife on his own and watching his dad hunt.  At the age of 6 Ettienne shot his first bush buck and since that day his passion for hunting grew stronger and stronger.  Then he also realized that hunting is not just for the sake of killing but a part of our heritage and that it needs to be looked after.

Today, Ettienne is a qualified photography field guide and has a degree in Game Ranch Management. He strongly believes in animal conservation  through sustainable utilization and offers more than 10 years of quality trophy Professional Hunting and lodging service.

Wild Spirit Hunting is based in the remote settler  country side of Grahams town and Adelaide area, Eastern Cape South Africa.